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Welcome to [un]RealMassDestruction

            Our dedicated Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught server was started in June 2007. [un]RealMassDestruction continues to offer a wide variety of modified maps, featuring many Xtreme weapons of evil and other surprises to challenge those who have become bored with the same old UT2004 gameplay. We do love having new players join us here at [un]RealMassDestruction, but this is by far not a noob server. We play hard and fast with guns that do serious damage.

            On the right side of the screen are the current details for the Onslaught server. Feel free to be our guest, join us in a game and frag away all you like. Please remember to respect your opponents and follow the rules.

            If you would like to join the forum, you will find a link in the main menu on the left side of your screen.
10 October 2016
7° Hits 2 Million

            Today 7° is the first to 2 million in score on [un]RealMassDestruction Onslaught server. 7° played 9,664 matches, taking 2,886 hours, tallying 75,715 kills and 58,629 frags.

7° is rank #1 in score, 4th in matches, 4th in hours and 9th in kills.

As always, show some RMD love to 7° with a frag from your weapon of choice.
25 November 2015
And The Battle Continues

7° takes back the top scorer spot. It has been fun watching 7° and Daisy battle it out over the last 4 months.

steviezah has kept in close contact, but has not closed the gap on 7° and Daisy. steviezah holds the top spot for matches played with 10844.

[un]RealMassDestruction has always been blessed with dedicated players. Thanks to you all for playing here. You are what makes UT2004 so much fun to play.
13 August 2015
Daisy Takes Top Score Away

            Today Daisy takes the top scorer spot away from 7°. Daisy answered the call and put up some big numbers to pass 7° for the top spot.

The three way battle we have been looking for is here.

Who is going to remain on top?

Make sure you show some RMD love to Daisy, 7° and steviezah with a frag from your weapon of choice.
16 July 2015
7° Takes Top Score

            Today 7° takes the top scorer spot away from steviezah. 7° finally passed steviezah after playing 6,937 matches and 2,262 hours of play.

Congratulations to 7° for taking over the top scorer spot on [un]RealMassDestruction Onslaught server.

Several questions come to mind.

Will steviezah gear up and take back what has been his spot for years?

Will Daisy make a run for the top?

Will W@cko23 catch up and make it a four way battle for the top spot?

Or will 7° just pull away and distance himself from the others?

Only time will tell

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